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The terrible costs of family violence

Trigger Warning. This blog contains disturbing information about family violence that may be upsetting for readers.

I didn’t believe that there were any beautiful people left in the world, but they are really beautiful people.

Me and my children have had our lives destroyed by drugs and family violence. My son has an ice problem and he has been violent to me – put me in hospital – and threatened his siblings. I have to get security for the whole house, and a dog, to be safe. I’ll be paying those off for 3 years.

I’ve got serious health problems; mental health and physical things too. I lived in the car for ages with my daughter, after my son destroyed the house we were living in. We’ve been in shelters for months, and community housing for a couple of years. But it was out of town and I lost my licence. Now we are in this housing commission place and we can stay here for life. I’d like to win lotto and move to the country and grow my own vegetables though.

I think I’m doing really well on the DSP. I’m broke, all the time, but it’s because I choose to spend my money on my daughter and on security and I feel good about that. I use the City Mission and other places, NILS for getting a fridge and washing machine, that’s how I can do it. I pay for my daughter’s braces, and dancing lessons. I want to give her the best possible chance to stay off drugs.

Once you have mucked up with ice, there is no coming back. Even once you get off it, you are still damaged. My son is a monster. People all have different ways of handling things, but people with drug and alcohol problems need extra special care. They are a danger to society. Sibling violence is worst, because the young ones look up to the older ones and admire them. I think it leaves a bigger scar on them than when a boyfriend hits their Mum.

I want to use natural medicines, but they are too expensive – $200 a month. I don’t know what I will do when my allocated visits to the psychologist run out. I don’t go out of the house, only to get the groceries and to do a bit of volunteer work helping out an old couple at their home.

That work has made me feel like my shell is opening up. I didn’t believe that there were any beautiful people left in the world, but they are really beautiful people. I feel my shell opening up. 

If you are experiencing family violence or abuse please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14

Living on the DSP

I am on the Disability Support Pension as I have more than one mental illness and a physical condition. I feel lucky to get the financial support, as some people get nothing. There are times I wish my life was different and easier. At the moment, it’s not too bad. I’ve been through worse.

It can be very difficult being on a low income here in Tasmania.

I feel it is harder here than in Victoria. There are no community health centres here. I cannot afford on-going dental health care at the moment, as it stretches the budget too much. Sadly, my teeth are getting worse.


If I don’t write out my budget and plan for up to 6 weeks in advance I won’t know where my money needs to go. It’s important to balance my necessities and treats, payment by payment. I am able to manage some months easier than others. I feel guilty for buying hobby items, but life involves having fun things too.

I am handy with my hands, which means I have been able to make things for myself for my home. I have saved money by doing this. I do wish my financial situation was better, but I have to manage with what I have.

I try to be grateful for what I have. I look out for sale clothes items all the time. I have slowly built up my kitchen utensils and items of the last year. I have a roof over my head – a safe place I can call my home. I have friends, and I have metal health medication that works.

I do focus too much of my time on money, but when every dollar counts it becomes a way of living: day by day, week by week, payment by payment.

I worry about the financial future. I want it to be as easy as possible, but I will have to wait and see how it pans out.